gemstones jewelry wholesaler gemstones jewelry wholesaler
gemstones jewelry wholesaler
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About Penn Gem

Penn Gem International is dedicated to serving the jeweler with
fine quality colored gemstones and diamonds. Sole distributor for
Christian Bauer wedding rings in North America.

Strict attention to consistency in color and cutting allows you to have confidence in your purchases every time you order. In addition to the stones we carry in standard shapes and sizes, we carry a wide range of one of a kind and major stones.

We travel the world for top grade gemstones from Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Our full lapidary department on premises, can meet any jewelers need for gemstone repairs and special cutting.

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason the stone ordered (except special cut stones) is not what you wanted, return it within (30) days of purchase date and receive full credit.

Penn Gem is pleased to offer the following:

  • Toll-free telephone orders in all fifty states, Canada and the Caribbean.
  • Memo service to Jewelers rated 1 or 2 by JBT or established accounts.
  • Thirty (30) day return privilege on stock items returned in same condition.
  • Express and Second Day shipping.
  • Lapidary department on premises.
  • We disclose all Gemstone treatments for all Gemstones we sell.
  • Gemologists on staff.
  • Our terms are thirty (30) days net, two percent (2%) ten days.
  • We sell only non-conflict Diamonds and Tanzanite.
  • We fully comply with the legal obligations of the United States Patriot Act.

Looking for something specific? Search our inventory by type, weight, shape or price (must have an account to view pricing)

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You can also contact us at 800-245-1079 or click here to send us an e-mail.

Gemstones in our inventory
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Bi-Color Tourmaline
Black Opal
Blue Sapphire
Blue Spinel
Blue Topaz
Blue Tourmaline
Blue Zircon
Boulder Opal
Chrome Tourmaline
Cultured Pearls
Fancy Sapphire
Fancy Tourmaline
Green Quartz
Green Tourmaline
Jadeite Jade
Mexican Opal
Mozambique Garnet
Nephrite Jade
Opal Doublet
Paraiba Tourmaline
Pink Diamond
Pink Sapphire
Pink Tourmaline
Precious Topaz
Purple Sapphire
Rhodolite Garnet
Rubellite Tourmaline
Smoky Quartz
Spessartite Garnet
Star Sapphire
Test Category
Tsavorite Garnet
Yellow Sapphire

Upcoming Show Dates:

Penn Gem - AGTA Gem Fair: Tucson,AZ 
February 5th - February 10th, 2019        Booth #1023



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gemstones jewelry wholesaler gemstones jewelry wholesaler gemstones jewelry wholesaler

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